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Break the minimum-wage stalemate by acknowledging regional differences and negotiating a compromise that works in low-cost states
Mark Hester
When you bring someone into power, make sure they’re using that power well by reminding them that you are still engaged and following their actions.
Loran Joseph
The cement that upholds our democracy is detrioriating. We must resolve to reinforce the institutions, relationships, and beliefs that bind us together.
Kevin Frazier
How to move forward together in the Aftertimes, increase access to education, and welcome *new* Oregonians.
Kevin Frazier
Maybe my family didn’t brave the 19th century Oregon Trail but we bushwacked our own paths to Oregon.
Peter Laufer
Updates on explusion and affordable housing, policing reform, and wildlife recovery bills.
Joseph Jordan
Behind the political changes shaping these developments, economic and demographic shifts were similarly accelerating Oregon’s divergence from its Way.
Kevin Frazier
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