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The Oregon Way has nearly eclipsed 500 subscribers — welcome to all the new folks. My name is Kevin Frazier, I have the great pleasure of editing this blog. We had too much good content early this week, so I had to send a quick update. Stay safe out there! Be sure to practice being “Oregon Nice.” Talk to you on Saturday.

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Brenda Smith, High Desert Partnership

David Frank, University of Oregon:

Tim Nesbitt, former Chief of Staff to Gov. Kulongoski:

Mark Owens, State Representative:

Eric Ward, Western States Center

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I am offering an experiment in politics, a program of principle above politics.

I am going to Washington without a string around a single finger. I am going there without any commitments to any group except the commitment I made to all groups: namely, that I will devote myself to furthering the best interests of our state and of our nation as the special representative of no group but as the public representative of all.

I will exercise an independence of judgment based on the evidence of each issue. I will weigh the views of my constituents and party, but cast my vote free of political pressure and unmoved by threats of loss of political support .