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Editor’s Note: A state worth seeing

Some Willamette Valley residents, for a whole slew of reasons, have never been East of the Cascades. Same goes for Oregonians in places like Prineville who have never been West to Pacific City, let alone Portland.

When we make it to the aftertimes, there will surely be an urge to travel far and wide: interstate and international locations will be calling and surely offering some great deals.

But perhaps the most meaningful sort of travel is intrastate. Imagine if more Oregonians got to know every corner of the state, and not just observe the beauty that exists there, but truly got to know the people who call that slice of the state home.

Travel for travel’s sake is fine. However, I think we should all push ourselves to be intentional travelers. There’s a difference between being a tourist and being a guest. The latter implies that there’s a host: someone showing you around their home and making sure your stay is comfortable.

So, will you be a host in the “aftertimes”? And, will you commit to visiting your fellow Oregonians as a guest, not just as a tourist?

The Oregon Way includes posts from contributors residing in all corners of Oregon. I can’t wait to thank them in person for their contributions and, hopefully, to benefit from their hospitality.

To a better Oregon,


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To ponder: “The Mail Majority”

To read

Kevin Frazier invites you to a Civic Saturday gathering on 4.3.21:

Civic Saturdays are a space to strengthen the cement of our democracy and to help close the gap between our creed and our reality. Myrdal called this gap “the American dilemma.” It is a problem we all face and that we all have an opportunity and obligation to help solve.

Reinforcing and celebrating our creed is a proven solution to addressing that dilemma. I sincerely hope that you will join me, Alexandria Goddard, Cyreena Boston Ashby and others at our upcoming Civic Saturday gathering on April 3rd, 2021 at 10am PST.

What are your obligations as a voter? Loran Joseph offers an answer.

To those voting people into power, know that your vote does carry a lot of sway, especially in local elections. So when you bring someone into power, make sure they’re using that power well by reminding them that you are still engaged and following their actions. Voting is a right and a responsibility. We talk a lot about the right, but too little about the responsibility to follow up on that vote by making sure it was truly for the best candidate.

How can the nation learn from Oregon’s approach to the minimum wage? Mark Hester has some ideas.

Reaching a bipartisan compromise in the range of $10-$12 an hour has an advantage beyond increasing pay for workers in at least 29 states while minimizing price increases and job losses. It also would improve the tenor in Washington, showing that members of two increasingly polarized parties still can work together to reach solutions to problems – solutions that fall short of campaign promises on either side but perhaps work better than the promised approaches would have.

To look forward to

  • Ginger Savage pens a letter to future candidates for Governor.

  • Melissa Cribbin penning her first contribution.

  • Sarah White reflecting on the last few weeks in Silverton.

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We will not have done enough so long as one person has far more than he or she needs and another lives in want.

To a better Oregon!