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I just read your article in the news times about more gun control laws, wow, with 20 thousand anti gun laws already on the books that scum don’t obey you some how feel criminals will obey yours, that is a old failed concept. Disarming good people will not make it safer because bad people still kill and steal your freedom. We have the death penalty that Brown and Kitzhaber both denied us of. It’s proven that the death penalty stops rape, murder and other horrendous crimes. The last mass murder in Illinois was carried out by a mad dog in a human form that had serious mental problems. Thinking that Taking my guns and magazines away will some how prevent more crimes is insane. Russia has the strictest gun laws and the highest death crimes, cars are the number one killer and most every home with children has them. I want to stop deaths also but guns don’t come with trigger fingers and like hammers don’t attack people, people attack people. If you want a good common sense conversation call me. Ron Goulet Toledo Oregon.

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