The Crises Oregonians have faced this past year have forced immense Change on us all. The coming Changes can be opportunities for building a more resilient and stronger Oregon Way.
The power of persuasion rarely buys bonus points at the collaborative table and it's not the power fueling the Oregon Way.
Brenda Smith
Age may just be a number, but it’s certainly playing a role in determining our elected officials and their priorities.
John Horvick
We need and deserve political actors who are playing a different game--one where wins are determined by the well-being of every constituent, not partis…
Rich Vial
The most powerful force we have to secure inclusive democracy lies within our own communities, in the collective power and leadership of the people we …
Moira Bowman
The ties connecting the people, the University, and the state were to be "without partisanship, without bias, with no personal end, but with the sole i…
Kevin Frazier
For the common good, for the Oregon Way, for the sake of democracy – we need liberals & conservatives, business, religious, & local leaders, and, espec…
Eric K. Ward
We need elected officials brave enough to listen to all of their constituents and to serve as their trustees.
Jim Moore
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